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Every Child Deserves a Clubfoot Solution.

Raising funds to

change a child's life.


Born with bilateral clubfoot, Anaita lives in Burkino Faso, Africa. With the support of funds raised through Kids For A Cause, she recently underwent corrective care to dramatically change the outcome of her life forever. Anaita is just one example of the kind of help our organization wants to bring to so many others born with clubfoot. 

Memories for a lifetime. Teaching our children to give to those in need.




Passionate, driven children on a mission to swim, bike and run in order to raise money for Clubfoot Solution. In 2015, 65 children worldwide were able to receive treatment for club foot deformity from these kid's triathlons. We are teaching kids that they can make a difference in another kid's life!

Love for our child. Beginning of the dream.


Julius was born in Saint Paul, MN with bilateral clubfoot. His birth change the life of his parents forever & he spawned a labor of love that has grown into a full-blown journey to help other children that are born with clubfoot. Even more inspiring is how Julius' story led to the realization of just how much kids can help kids. 

Be part of the solution. You can help.


Approximately 80% of children born with clubfoot live in developing countries where proper medical treatment is not possible. They face a life of shame, abandonment, and isolation. Every $35 raised allows one of these children to receive a life-altering clubfoot solution.  Please consider changing the course of a child's life by donating today!