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Born with bilateral clubfoot, Anaita lives in Burkino Faso, Africa. With no means to allow for correction, Anaita would have grown up with clubfoot and potentially a life of shame and isolation. With the support of funds raised through Kid's For A Cause, she recently underwent corrective care at the University of Iowa with Dr. Morcuende. Using the non-invasive Iowa Brace, her bilateral clubfoot was corrected and Anaita has returned to her family and community in Africa. She is just one example of the kind of help our organization wants to bring to so many others born with club foot. 

In 2015, Kids for a Cause was able to donate enough money to Clubfoot Solutions so that 65 children worldwide received the Iowa Brace at no cost, correcting their feet of the clubfoot deformity non-surgically. 

Beginning in 2017, the board of Kids For A Cause decided to think locally, globally, and domestically and committed that all funds raised would be donated to Clubfoot Solutions. Begin to learn more about Clubfoot Solutions below. 


Clubfoot Solutions was founded in 2012 by faculty members from the University of Iowa, and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit company.  Its mission is to help free the world of clubfoot deformity by manufacturing and globally distributing an innovative, high quality, affordable foot abduction brace for children born with clubfoot.  Wearing a brace while sleeping is essential to maintain the corrected position of the foot once it has been corrected using the Ponseti method.  The longer a brace is worn, the lower the probability that the deformity will reoccur.  Unfortunately, most braces that are available in developing countries, where 89% of children with clubfoot are born, are often made using low-quality, locally available materials, lack important design features to work effectively, and cause skin problems, leading to disuse, and to return of the deformity.  The goal of Clubfoot Solutions is for children everywhere to successfully complete Ponseti treatment and lead normal, disability-free lives.